Aristos and Sasha, The black cat and the white dog


aristos kai sasa ENG


Dionysis Mazitsos

Illustrator: Dionysis Karavias

Pages: 32
Dimensions: 21 × 28

Published: 2016

ISBN 978-960-564-430-7

Price: 9 €

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Aristos was a stray cat born in a broken washtub full of old bits and pieces. His mother was a black cat her owner had got tired of and thrown out into the streets. Aristos, who was also pitch black, had got used to his life as an alley cat . . . At that precise moment, when he had a whole set of fish bones in front of him with a morsel of meat clinging to them, he thought he had everything his heart could desire! But his heart’s desire would soon rise to much higher levels . . .
There are times when neither poverty nor riches, neither race nor color are an obstacle for feelings of pure love!